Single and Credit Tenant Lease Financing

Loan Programs
1.    CTL Self-Amotizing Bond Loan Program    
Guidelines for Acceptable CTL Variances
        b.    Processing and Funding Timeline
        c.    Construction Funded Forward Program
        d.    Third Party Reports
        e.    Casualty and Condemnation Insurance
        f.     Environmental Insurance
        g.    Residual Value Insurance (RVI)
        h.    Closing Documents and Opinions
        i.     Title and Survey Requirements
        j.     Special Purpose Entity Requirements
        k.    Closing Checklist
2.    Balloon (Real Estate) CTL Loan Program
3.    Energy Project Construction Financing
        a.    Energy Project CTL Guidelines
4.    Government Public Private Partnership (P3) Program
5.    Construction/Permanent CTL Bond Loan Program
6.    Tax-Exempt Bond Financiing

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