Single and Credit Tenant Lease Financing

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Ratings Table:                       A matrix showing Standard & Poor's, Moody's and the National 
                                               Association of Insurance Commissioner's (NAIC) relative investment
                                               grade and non-investment grade credit ratings. 
Largest U.S. Companies
Ratings List
:                         Moody's credit ratings of the largest 100 companies in the United States ranked
                                              by total revenues.  
Largest Companies in the
World Ratings List
:              Moody's credit ratings of the largest 100 companies in the world  ranked by total
Ratings List
:                         Moody's credit ratings of the largest 100 energy and utility companies in the
                                              world ranked by total revenues.
Ratings List
:                         Moody's credit ratings of the largest 100 retailers in the United States by
                                              total sales.
Ratings List
:                         Moody's credit ratings of the largest insurance companies in the world ranked by
                                              total assets.
Ratings List
:                         Moody's credit ratings of the largest 100 commercial banks in the United States
                                              by total assets. 
Ratings List
:                         A listing of each State's tax-backed general obligation credit rating for 
                                              both Standard & Poor's & Moody's.
Ratings List
:                         A listing of Standard and Poor's and Moody's both foreign and local currency 
                                              credit ratings for all the countries of the world.
Ratings List:
                         Moody's credit ratings for the largest 100 colleges and universities in the United
                                              States ranked by total enrollment. 
Ratings List
:                         A listing of the largest health care systems as defined by Standard & Poor's

CTL Market:                        A summary of the history, framework and fundimentals of the credit tenat lease market. 

CTL Products:                     A summary of single and credit tenant lease and bond loan lending programs 
                                             available in the market

Bond Lease:                         The criteria used to define a bond lease vs. a credit lease, as well as the
                                              accepted distinction between a NNN and a NN lease. 

Capital Lease:                      The criteria used by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
                                              to classify a long-term, single tenant leases as either capital/financing leases
                                              or operating leases. 
30/360 vs.
Actual/360:                          The difference between the 30/360 and actual/360 interest calculation 
                                              methods and how they effect the borrower's rate, payment and payoff.

Research and articles authored by LesMark's principals and partners:

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"Planning, Developing and Financing Public Hospitals and insight into the growing Medical Tourism Industry" - Latin 
      Infrastucture Quarterly
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